Our firm is dedicated to the prosecution of meritorious medical malpractice and personal injury cases in which the plaintiff has suffered catastrophic injuries and the legal issues are significant to the litigants and to society at large. We represent only the injured victims and their families, never the insurance companies or the hospitals. Much of our practice is devoted to wrongful death cases and injuries to children.

Less Is More

We keep our case inventory small, so that each file can receive the intensive focus and attention it deserves. To win a malpractice case, we must devote more time, energy, and brainpower than our adversaries. This is only possible with a small caseload.

Medical Malpractice Cases Are Harder

The public should be aware that medical malpractice cases are more difficult than other kinds of injury cases. Our opponents are highly trained and well funded, with vast resources to shield their clients. Physicians are generally well educated and well dressed; they make sympathetic witnesses, and jurors are loath to punish them for their mistakes. Furthermore, in many cases, the insurance company who represents the physician cannot settle a case without the consent of the doctor himself. (Contrast this with an automobile accident case in which the carrier can settle any case in which it feels there is exposure, without asking consent of the negligent driver.)

Finances also make a difference. The trial of a medical malpractice case with two experts may cost $40,000 or more. (A car accident case might cost $5,000 if tried to a verdict.) Of course, by New York State law, the lawyer’s fees for medical malpractice cases are much lower than for any other tort case.

Because of these factors, there is no such thing anymore as a “small” medical malpractice case. The small cases don’t get launched.

Our Philosophy

We would rather do a good job for a few clients than a mediocre job for a lot of clients. We are very discriminating in selecting our clients, but when we take a case we are prepared to go all the way. We take hard cases. For all of these reasons, many of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys. We are proud of our successes as the David in the war with Goliath...

$2.2 Million settlement for neurologically impaired infant

The New York Law Journal is honoring our firm for securing one of the top medical malpractice settlements in the state for 2017. The achievement will be noted in the 2018 edition of Top Verdicts and Settlements. The suit alleged the failure to diagnose and treat a newborn baby in 2008 who developed hyperbilirubinemia, a neurological illness which has been largely eradicated due to now-standard testing. The child also won the right to be admitted into the New York State Medical Indemnification Fund, which will pay his medical expenses for the rest of his life. The defendant-physician settled for $2.2M in December of 2017. A second defendant also settled during a 2018 trial, but the terms of that settlement required non-disclosure of the additional sum.

Excellent Results

We have had million dollar settlements or verdicts nearly every year for the past two decades. Among these were the settlement of $1,300,000 we obtained for an 80 year old woman who suffered partial paralysis following surgery at a well-known Manhattan hospital. We believe this to be the largest settlement of its kind for an elderly patient. In another case, we settled a difficult birth injury for $1,500,000. There had been no offer of settlement until we were victorious on pretrial motions to dismiss. In yet another one of our notable successes was a $6.1 million dollar verdict in favor of the family of a 34 year old woman who died of a pulmonary embolism following a cesarean section. The case had been declined by another firm before the family came to us.


Advertising notice: Past results do not guarantee similar outcomes on future cases.